Mahama Cannot Owe A Subject — Wayoe

The President of the Republic of Ghana, who is the supreme leader and the first gentleman of the state, can never be said to owe a subject under his rule, Lawyer George Tetteh Wayoe has declared. “I have never said that the other lawyers who participated in the Supreme Court hearing on the election petition had been paid.Rather, it is the assistance I need as an individual person that made me to appeal to His Excellency’’. Mr Wayoe, who visited the offices of the Graphic Communications Group Limited to explain himself, therefore, apologised to President John Dramani Mahama for the embarrassment caused by the media twist of “my humble appeal to him for assistance”. “I am still a committed, loyal party member and the future of our party is in, no doubt, dependent on persons like myself who are ready to take the mantle and continue to keep the party alive, having in mind that politics is about numbers and commitment to the cause of your party, which I have ably demonstrated,’’ he declared. It will be recalled that the Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr George Lawson, on Citi FM's Eyewitness News questioned comments made by Mr Wayoe to the effect that he was part of the legal team of the NDC during the Supreme Court hearing of the election petition and needed to be compensated. “When did he become a member of the NDC legal team and who appointed him or who assigned him? The President has not appointed him to act on his behalf, nobody has. He went on his own volition. We have members of our legal committee and he’s not a member of our legal committee, he is a sympathiser,” Mr Lawson said. The deputy general secretary said it might be right if Mr Wayoe says “he is a sympathiser of our legal committee, but to say that he is a member is impersonation and it is wrong". When asked whether the party would pay Mr Wayoe for the services he rendered to the party, Mr Lawson said, “Volunteers are not paid; it is free. Nobody asked him to go and represent us at TV3. It was not a party point of view". "The panellists on the show were trying to educate Ghanaians on the legal and technical elements. They needed to explain, to break it down. It was not a representation. It was pure law and lawyers were paraded (sic) to educate Ghanaians," he added. He said neither President Mahama nor the party would pay Mr Wayoe because none of the lawyers who represented the party was paid. “If the big men were not paid, why would the small fly, who only tried to rub shoulders with the people that we have assigned?" asked Mr Lawson. Mr Lawson, however, stated that the party would be willing to talk with Mr Wayoe if the lawyer followed the correct party procedure to air his grievances. “His [Mr Wayoe’s] situation has not come to my notice or the notice of the party," Mr Lawson insisted. Mr Wayoe, on Friday, called on the President and the NDC to come to his aid as he had not been properly shown appreciation for services he rendered to the party during the election petition hearing. “I have spent almost Gh¢70,000 for two years, going up and down for the cause of the President during the election petition…During the election petition, I needed to move faster and move quickly to work for the President. And in Ghana you know that our media houses are in certain areas that our ‘trotros’ cannot move there, so the best mode of transportation is to move in taxis," Mr Wayoe said in an interview with Citi FM