I've Accelerated Speed Of Dev't..."Ghana Is Moving Fast Under Me" - Prez Mahama

The mark of every good leader is to create the best out of a worse scenario and take full responsibilities when things fall apart under his watch. President Mahama demonstrated this leadership trait when he interacted with some Ghanaians in Germany during his state visit to the country. Despite inheriting an economy which he claims was not all that buoyant, President Mahama pledged to concentrate on increasing the acceleration of development in Ghana rather than shifting blames on his predecessors. “At anytime that you are in control and you are leading, all responsibility for everything that happens is yours. The blame game won’t take us anywhere and that is why I avoid blaming anything of the past on any leader...I am able to move this country faster because of what Rawlings, Kufour and Atta Mills handed over to me”, he noted. From a scientific point of view, he claimed at one point Ghana, was in a state of inertia; but started seeing development after Dr. Kwame Nkrumah took over. “For those of you who have done physics, if a ball is in state of inertia then it means it is stationary. You need a greater momentum to move the ball but as the ball begins to roll, it is easier to push the ball forward than when it is in a state of inertia”, he said. He continued that since Dr. Nkrumah left power, development, has never declined and continues to increase even when democracy switched to the hands of military leaders. “The job President Nkrumah faced was very difficult because that was independence and he had to start the whole ball rolling. Professor Busia came and continued, and even in the period of military government, Acheampong and everybody contributed at least something to this country”, he acknowledged.