Pull Him Down Crusade @ GNFS ...Deputy Accra Regional Chief Fire Officer Fingered

SOME STAFF of the Ghana National Fire Service are angered with the Deputy Chief Fire Officer of the Greater Accra region, Kwame Kwarteng over what they describe as an attempt on his part to ‘sabotage’ the new Chief Fire Officer, Dr. Albert Brown Gaise. According to them, a comment by Mr. Kwarteng during a recently held durbar aimed at forging forward in their operations in 2015, emphatically stated that, the change of the Chief Fire Officer “will not stop the fire disasters” from happening. The angry looking staff told the DAILY HERITAGE that such a comment by Mr. Kwarteng is “irresponsible” and one purported to ‘Pull him (Dr. Gaise) Down’ in his new role as a Chief Fire Officer. But, Mr. Kwarteng in a reaction to this allegation flatly denied having made such a statement, saying, “It is not true. I leave them to God.” Mr. Kwarteng they said had refused orders from his chief fire officer to send tenders to Tema, when fire officers at Tema needed re-enforcement during the ravaging fire at the Tema Central Medical Stores caught fire. They also alleged that, the regional deputy fire officer refused answering calls to his handset when the Kokompe market cought fire. They are however calling for the regional boss to be probed since his attitude amount to what they describe as reckless and unfortunate at the time when more fires were being recorded and harm are being done to property worth millions of Ghana Cedis. Mr. Kwarteng told the paper that he was not surprised with the allegations being peddled against him and that, “It is normal because, it’s a human institution. I leave all those trying to do this against me to God.” Concerning the Kokompe incident, he told the paper that, “I mobilized all tenders to the scene and I was personally at the scene between 10pm and 2am before he left the scene, so these allegations are false.”