Criminals Taking Advantage Of The AFCON Tournament

Criminals as they say, are always a step ahead of the law enforcers, their brains work so fast that they take advantage of every situation, and think more often outside the box.

They are so resourceful that they look for every opportunity to carry out their nefarious activities.

The ongoing African Cup of Nation (AFCON) tournament in Equatorial Guinea, is one such rare and good opportunity for them to strike, when the whole nation’s attention is on the games, especially when the Senior National team, the Black stars are playing, and they ply their trade in magnificent fashion.

Their criminal activities are given further boost by the load-shedding exercise currently experienced by Ghanaians.

It is always easy to commit crime under the cover of darkness, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), is also not helping matters, as they are also in a way contributing to the increasing numbers of armed robbery in the country.

The Ghana Police Service, have a role to play, during and after the tournament, it will be helpful, if they could deploy plain cloth Police Personnel at popular pubs or places where a lot of gather to watch the games.

Because people move to places, when their lights are out, thieves invade their homes to cart away the properties, they have worked years to acquire.

They make it to these places too, when people have their eyes fixed on the match, when the anticipation and apprehension is high, they break into peoples cars and take away their valuables.

How pathetic it is that these gangs or criminals are able bodied young men, who could direct their energies into doing something productive and meaningful.

We employ all Ghanaians to be each other’s keeper, it is obvious by the day that the Police, cannot be everywhere at every time. They don’t even have the numbers to patrol every locality and community, we can as citizens contribute our quota, when we become vigilant and report suspicious characters to the law enforcement agencies.