Nana Addo: A Tsetse fly On The Scrotum

When a tsetsefly lands on your scrotum, you have just two options- leave it there or kill it. If you leave it there, it stings you and sucks your blood. If you try to kill it, you risk crushing your scrotum.

Like we say in the local parlance, Nana Addo, has become like “Konogo Kaya”, he will not carry, neither will he allow somebody else to.

It is only a fool, who will keep doing the same thing and getting the same results and yet his not ready to change.

Since 2008, when he first contested on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party, as its flagbearer, everything he does or says, has sought to divide the country rather than unite us. His infamous, all-die-be-die speech, is one that is refusing to go away and had more or less, called to question his democratic credentials.

The Presidency is not the birthright of anybody or group of people, it should never happen that some group of people think that without them at the helm of affairs, this country cannot move forward.

This mentality of ownership is what has informed the decision Nana Addo arrived at when he went to seek the face of God, after the Supreme Court ruling, in the name of election petition. Many thought that at his age and the frailty that comes with age, he will listen to the voice of God and his own inner voice, but I guess, he wants the presidency more than his own life.

He displayed one of the highest level of hypocrisy, when he delivered a speech at Joseph Boakye Danquah’s symposium to mark 50 years of his passing.

He made so many unsubstantiated allegations and scathing remarks on the government of John Dramani Mahama. What was striking among others things was his supposed forgiveness of Dr. kwame Nkrumah, our father and first President.

It is in their DNA, to always find reason to chastise our first President. In the eight years of President Kufuor’s rule much attention and facelift were given to most roundabouts we have in Accra, that bears the name of any of their icons, including Danquah Circle, Akuffo-Addo roundabout etc. the Nkrumah circle was virtually neglected until this government came into office.

In Nana Addo’s quest for power, he is ready to even dine with the devil; after all the end justifies the means.

What is the relevance of what happened 50 years ago to contemporary politics, if not to score cheap political point?

J.B Danquah, was not bundled and thrown into prison for no apparent reason. Nana Addo as Attorney -General and Minister of Justice, also presided over travesty of
justice, when Tsatsu Tsikata, was imprisoned. He was even arrested in the course of his trial on Sunday, while he was in Church.

Nana Addo and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), should not give us this holier than thou attitude. He talked about corruption, as if the act was invented yesterday. President Kufuor, in his response to why corruption was so pervasive in his government, all he told us was that corruption is as old as Adam.

We must all agree that corruption is a national canker that bears no political colors, until we do that, we will be dancing around the problem, pointing fingers at each other, while Civil and Public Servants steal our collective till.

Nana Addo, must shed his divisive tendencies. He should be asking himself that why is it that anytime he speaks, people will spend hours if not days, trying to make sense of what he said.

This country is not a basket case, we have seen so much development since 2009, when late President John Evans Atta Mills, took over from President Kufuor.
Exponential growth has been experienced since 2012, when President John Dramani Mahama, also took over. Development is not in abeyance.

We are all students of history and know the resistance the likes of J.B Danquah put up, when Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was building the Akosombo Dam.
The same propaganda that President Mahama, is receiving everyday as he set his eyes on transforming this country, is what Dr. Nkrumah went through.

To them, this country is never better until it is them. Nana Addo, at his age is expected to know better and understand the dynamics of world politics.

Development is does not happen because he (Nana) says so, it needs a conscious effort, commitment and dedication to see its realization. We are a country that is seeing massive development.

I will be the first to admit that the load-shedding exercise has affected every aspect of our lives, one cannot light to work in the office and when he or she gets home, they is no light to help the person have a sound sleep.

But we did not get here on the wishes of President Mahama, it is a failure on the part of our past leaders, to put in place and make the necessary investments that will ensure that what is happening today, will not happen.

My joy is that President Mahama, does not believe in window dressing, he does not believe in quick-fixes, he is putting measures in place, with the necessary investments to make sure that it becomes a thing of the past.

Instead of Nana Addo and his party criticizing, they should sit and watch, whiles the President develop the country for them. For now like someone said, Monkey for wait for Baboon to work.