NPP Will Not Provide Alternative Energy Solution; It's The Govít's Responsibility To Ghanaians - K Agyapong

General Secretary of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwabena Agyei Agyapong says it is a diversion tactics of the ruling NDC government to arrogantly demand alternative solution to the energy crisis from the opposition party.

According to the Chief Scribe, Ghanaians voted for the NDC to form the next government to resolve the problems of the country as it remains the responsibility of President Mahama and his government to unburden Ghanaians from their plight.

Speaking on Okay FM’s "Ade Akye Abia"  Morning Show, Kwabena Agyapong wondered why the NDC government in power for the past 7 years has not added any mega watt to the current, asserting that the ruling government should admit that it has failed in its governance.

“They should stop that statement that NPP should provide alternative solution to the energy crisis; they have a responsibility to the people of Ghana and so they should stop the diversion. We have handed over the country to you for the past 7 years and if we are complaining of the challenges then you turn around to ask us what we would have done differently. Are we in government? When we were in power we resolved the energy situation; we can do it and we did it,” he argued.

He maintained that a lot of the power that the country is using now was based on the energy programs put in place by former President Kufuor’s administration; in that through NPP, 110mw was added to VRA's Plant, Mines reserve plant had 80mw and Bui hydro-electric provided 400mw to the national grid.

He further hinted that the NPP helped private investors like the Asogli Gas Plant to produce power for the country; arguing that it is clear the NDC do not have a clue to resolving the energy crisis.

To him, it was part of NPP manifesto that within 5 years in office, the national power grid would have reached 5000 mega watts by now; reminding the NDC not to speak as if the NPP has not been in government before.

He said that some of the energy projects which was started by the New Patriotic Party were commissioned, blaming that the situation has gone worst because their management of the economy is poor despite the abundant resources at their disposal.