Prosper Bani’s Continuous Stay At post… NDC To Distance itself From President Mahama

With less than two (2) years to the 2016 General Elections and with the Great National Democratic Congress (NDC), electing new officers last year to steer affairs of the party, it has become very clear that President John Dramani Mahama, will have to listen to concerns put forward by his party members, particularly those at the top echelon, or face their wrath.

The informer is reporting on authority that the NDC may be forced to take an open stance against their Leader, if he does not as a matter of urgency, get rid of his Chief of Staff, Mr. Prosper Douglas Kwaku Bani, having brought to his attention the disaffection and the gross embarrassment the personality mentioned above continues to bring to him (Mahama) and the Party.

From what this paper has gathered, the slip-ups of Mr. Prosper Bani as Chief of Staff, has hit the roof that the NDC is no longer prepared to keep quiet and watch the Party go into opposition.

From facts reaching The informer, series of meetings have already been taken place in Accra, Tema, Kumasi, Tamale, Ho, and Cape Coast; where NDC gurus are planning to start distancing the Party openly from the Flagstaff House.

Sounding very frustrated, a Party Elder who does not want his identity disclosed in an interview with this Paper, said, it has gotten to a point that they had no option than to go on this tangent (thus-openly distance the Party from the Flagstaff House) since countless efforts made to get the President understand conditions prevalent on the ground and how the Party is becoming unpopular per actions of the Chief of Staff, has become unsuccessful.

“If they say “yen tie obiaa,” we shall prove to them that the NDC does not belong to them,” this worried Party Elder told The informer.

According to him, they have had enough of ‘baloney’ that is going on at the Flagstaff House to the disgrace and embarrass the Party; and that, if the Chief of Staff and some of those “small-small boys” at the Flagstaff House are not gotten rid of, they will be forced to start attacking the Seat of Government to the humiliation of the President publicly.

“We did not fight for power and sacrifice all these years for incompetent people to be appointed to positions just to destroy all our hard work,” the Elder pointed out apparently, the resignation of the likes of Dr. Raymond Atuguba, because of mess that the Chief of Staff has created and continues to do at the Seat of Government, is the reason why the NDC is getting ready, though unfortunately, to openly take on the president.

From what The Informer is picking up, President Mahama will have to act quickly, if he is to save himself from incurring the wrath of his own Party members who are not prepared to see the NDC go into opposition.

Indeed, last Friday on Adom FM, an NDC Communicator, Agbesi Nutsu, took on Mr. Prosper Bani. According to him, the ineffectiveness of Mr. Prosper Bani, has made Mr. Kwadwo Okyere Mpiani come across at the “best” Chief of Staff Ghana has ever had, because of how he (Mpiani) discharged his duties albeit encountering some resistance from some government officials at the time.

Amazing but with no option, the NDC Communicator was reported to have said that President Mahama’s Chief of Staff, Prosper Bani, lacks authority over appointees of government, unlike Mr. Mpiani, who at a point because of his control over appointees of Mr. John Kufuor, effectively was referred to us the shadow “vice-president.”