NDC Government Should Resign If They Canít Think - John Boadu

National Organizer of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kofi Adams has said the main opposition NPP has resorted to noise making about the energy crisis because it has no alternative means to resolving the crisis.

Kofi Adams charged the NPP to come out with an alternative if it is ready to form the next government after the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

But reacting to Kofi Adam's charge, John Boadu on Oman FM’s National Agenda said it is clear that the NDC government have no ideas for the energy sector as the government would have resigned if it was in any serious country.

He is however surprised to hear that people in the government are rather asking the opposition NPP to come out with alternative solutions to the energy crisis.

"Did Ghanaians vote for the NDC so that the NPP will provide energy solution for them; it tells you the NDC government has no ideas and solutions”?

Attributing to the failure of the NDC government to providing immediate solution to the energy crisis, John Boadu asserted that the depreciated Cedi to almost 300 percent has made it impossible for the government to reduce the petrol price; thus, Ghanaians would have resorted to the use of generators if the petrol price has reduced drastically.

“If NPP were in power, the cedi wouldn’t have depreciated to almost 300% ...the Mini-Dams projects by now would have helped the national grid across the country if NDC had not converted the loan to construct the Eastern Corridor Roads. The Atoabo Gas Plant would have been operational long time ago if NDC had not delayed..”, he chided.

“If NDC government cannot govern the nation, they should step down; the government and the President should resign...so they want us to think for them; we have done that for them all these years and when we introduced the Free SHS and gave directive to resolve the economic crises, they insulted us and said our ideas are wrong. But does it mean NDC people don’t think; why are they in government?”, he quizzed.