Sammi Awuku Rallies Ghanaian Youth Ahead Of Demo

Fellow youth, the conditions we face today are fearsome. We have either no jobs or at the verge of losing our jobs due to the dumsor dumsor.

Businesses are collapsing, our sisters and friends are being raped on almost daily basis and the education of our kids and siblings is in danger. We can no longer accept the status quo as a way of life. The youth of Ghana today owe it as a sacred duty to demonstrate and bring these issues to the fore on the 18th of February.

Our generation must be credited with the responsibility of restoring hope and arresting the current economic decline. For my friends, both educated and uneducated we must join hands to ‪#‎DROP_THIS_YAM‬ in 2016.

Boyz abr3 Gals abr3, Ghana Abr3 with this administration that has led us to the slaughter house. To the students on our campuses let's sacrifice Wednesday to Secure our collective future by being sympathetic allies of the masses.

See you at Obra Spot on Wednesday @ 6am. W)n Gbo demo. .. see u there. God bless.