Ghanaians Must Maintain The Tradition Of Changing Govít Every 8 Years...Mahama Must Go - Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, a private legal practitioner has charged Ghanaians to vote out the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) government from office in fulfillment of the tradition where a government is changed every 8 years.

According to him, President Mahama can contest for the 2016 elections for his second term but not on the ticket of the NDC since the party has finished its 8 years.

Speaking on Okay FM’s "Ade Akye Abia" Morning Show, Maurice Ampaw told President John Mahama to contest for his second term as an independent Presidential Candidate or better still with another political party because the NDC government will finish its 8 years in office in 2016.

“…..So President Mahama if you want your full time 8 years in office as President then you have to stand as an independent candidate in 2016 elections, but if you stand on the ticket of NDC, the tradition must go on; he must go for his second term with a different party other than the NDC because Ghanaians will vote against NDC in 2016 according to the tradition; otherwise we will change him if he goes with NDC….Ghanaians must continue with the tradition of changing government every 8 years; we are changing this NDC government in 2016,” he charged.

He therefore considers his stance nonpolitical but a reminder to Ghanaians of the tradition which has been with the country since 1992 where former President Rawlings handed over power to his successor Ex-President Kufuor and from him to the late President Mills; stressing the 8 years of NDC ends in 2016 and it must pave way for another party to take over.

He however advised against the use of ethnicity in choosing a leader for the country, adding people who are in the Northern Region are still living in poverty except few who are in government despite the fact that President Mahama hails from the North.

To him, no political party must rule for more than eight years so as to avert the winner-takes- all and a likely one party system in Ghana.

Lawyer Ampaw stated, “Ghanaians must make sure that any political party - whether NPP or NDC – that rules for two terms is voted out of power for another political party to take over…”.