Kwesi Pratt Is the 'Biggest Hypocrite' In Ghana Today - John Boadu

The National Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Boadu has described Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt as the ‘biggest hypocrite in Ghana’ today who must not be taken serious.

Mr. Boadu speaking on Accra-based Oman Fm Monday said he was shocked that Mr. Pratt who has decided not to go on demonstration against the NDC government would mock the NPP for deciding to do so.

Mr. Pratt questioned the importance of the NPP ‘Agbe wo’ demonstration slated for tomorrow on Radio Gold saturday.

"This demonstration is different from demonstrations that have been organized by AFAG, Committee for Joint Action or the Alliance for change; those appeared not to have been party demonstrations and the organizers were drawn from different political parties...this one is an NPP demonstration and it is clear that to participate in this demonstration is to endorse the NPP…" he stated.

But these criticisms, John Boadu said are unnecessary arguing that Mr. Pratt has no basis for criticizing the NPP since his group the Committee for Joint Action (CJA) has decided not to demonstrate to favour an NPP cause.

“Is Kwesi Pratt not a Ghanaian? Couldn’t he have demonstrated single-handedly as he did when NPP was in power? So we should demonstrate for him to enjoy from our demonstration or when NDC comes into power, his legs are amputated? Kwesi Pratt would have sat in a wheel chair to demonstrate against NPP if he is an when he saw that the erratic power supply has lasted for more than 3 years, why didn’t he organize a demonstration against this government?” he fumed.

According to John Boadu, his party has demonstrated that it is honest and would not hide behind people to organize a demonstration against any government as Kwasi was hired through CJA.

“NDC converted our secured loans which were meant for Mini-Dams across the country to help the national grid to the Eastern Corridor Roads, and if we had done that, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Was Kwesi Pratt not in Ghana when NDC unduly delayed the Atuoabo Gas Pipeline project because of political reasons until they commenced the project it in 2012 which even has cost the nation more money than the earlier plan? This project would have resolved the situation if they had stuck to the original plan...If he is comfortable then he should relax; nobody has called him to join in the demo...Kwesi Pratt is the greatest hypocrite you can ever have; NPP has openly come out to demonstrate against the government and we are not like the NDC to hide behind CJA which Kwesi Pratt is part of to demonstrate against a government,” he charged.

The demonstration, according to the NPP, would attract thousands of disgruntled Ghanaians from around the country.