Mahama Must Resign - Ursula Owusu

If they can't fix our problems they should do the honourable thing and get out so that those who can fix the problems will come and fix it." That is Ursula Owusu's ominous call on the governing party ahead of the New Patriotic Party (NPP)'s planned demonstration today.

The party is galvanizing support for what they hope will be a massive demonstration today in protest of the crippling power crisis in the country.

The incensed Ablekuma West MP Ursula Owusu wasted no time in daring the president to wake up to his responsibilities, first as a man and a president, or bow out peacefully.

"The Chief Executive of Ghana incorporated John Dramani Mahama, I am calling on you to do the honourable thing and resign and take responsibility as a man, for the mess that your so-called Better Ghana [Agenda] has reduced this country to," she told Joy News. The country has, for the past three years, endured a strangling power crisis situation better known as 'dumsor' which has affected businesses, students, petty traders and citizens at large.

While businesses crumble under the crisis, there have also been 'dumsor' related deaths at various hospitals, especially to newly born babies.

Some civil societies and opposition parties have been quick to blame the governing party, accusing it of being incompetent, but government spokespersons would not take the blame without a fight.

Deputy Communications Minister Felix Kwakye Ofosu has challenged the opposition to provide alternative sources to the crisis situation instead of shouting on rooftops and threatening demonstrations.

However, Ursula Owusu has parried that challenge.

"By asking the NPP to provide solutions, I think it is the most incredible thing I have ever heard a government in power do. It is the loudest admission of failure that anyone could have made," she said.

She was adamant that should the president refuse to resign, it will be left to the citizens of Ghana to judge whether the president "merits the honour and respect that by virtue of the position he occupies, we give to him."