NPP Negotiated Purchase Of GHS5, 584,508 Luxury Vehicles - Report

The purchase of 38 luxury vehicles by the Energy and Petroleum Ministry was negotiated by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 2007, it has been reported.

Quoting sources at the Ministry, Accra-based Joy FM reported Tuesday that the purchase of the vehicles valued  at $1,745, 159, (GHS5, 584,508) was also approved by Parliament in 2008 as part of 350 million dollar US Exim bank facility meant for extending electricity to 1,200 communities under the Multi-Donor

Following the widespread public outrage at what has been described as wasteful spending, officials of the Energy Ministry, according to the Joy FM report, sought to clarify the situation as follows:

Seeking to set the records straight on this matter, Joy News’ sources at the Energy and Petroleum Ministry presented the facts below.

1. The vehicles formed part of a 350 million dollar US Exim bank facility (loan) for rural electrification.

2. The negotiations started in 2007 and was passed by parliament in 2008. (when NPP was in power)

3. The said vehicles had been negotiated by the NPP ministers as part of the package (because under the facility, the US Exim bank’s loan, the vehicles component could only be used to American made vehicles)

4. Dr Oteng Agyei (Minister in 2009) did a value for money audit on the cost of the project when he assumed office as energy minister in 2009 and saved the nation about 50 million which translated into more communities having access to electricity.

5. The said vehicles, including Lexus 4×4, which had been negotiated as part of the package in 2008, were delivered in 2010.

News that GHS5, 584,508 was spent by the Energy Ministry on 38 luxury vehicles was revealed in an audit report presented to Parliament Tuesday.

According to report , which was presented by the Auditor-General, Mr Richard Quartey, the ministry also bought two heavy duty photocopiers for $33,226.40 (GHS106,324), four desktop computers with accessories for $10,522.28(GHS33,670), and three laptop computers with accessories for $8,008.71 (GHS25,627.87).

The development has been condemned by some members of the public, who have described the spending as “criminal” and “insensitive” in the face of the ongoing power crisis.
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