Photos: Weird Scenes At Won Gbo Demonstration

Strange scenes were captured by United Television as they went about their duty filming demonstrators who were flying in from all corners to join the mammoth ‘Won Gbo’ demonstration.

Some frustrated fishermen joined the protest riding on their canoe. Their intent was clear and a reminder to government that the economic hardship has made it difficult for them to purchase premix fuel.

One gentleman was strong enough to carry his damaged deep freezer to the venue. He had a message inspired by Aseidu Nketia’s ‘Kwasia Bi Nti’ comment written on it.

A direct swipe was taken at President Mahama for spending less time in Ghana. Members in the NPP have constantly accused him of not feeling the hardships because of his travel arrangement. A plaque was held high and on it was written “WE NEED A LEADER NOT A TRAVEL AGENT #DROPMAHAMA”.