A Buoyant Local Government Is Spur For National Development - Afari-Gyan

Dr Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, Chairman of the Electoral Commission, has said Ghana’s growth was intertwined with buoyancy or otherwise of its local governance system.

He said the performance of assemblies in education, sanitation, education, health, and security among others, were those that readily impacted on national growth.

Dr Afari-Gyan was speaking at day’s seminar in Ho for a representative group of People with Disabilities (PWD) in connection with the forthcoming District Level Elections.

The seminars being held across the country for marginalized groups including women is an EC/USAID collaboration.

“Let me tell you, unless we can get the District Assemblies to perform very well, it would take a long time to see development in our communities,” the EC Chairman said.

He expressed regret at the characteristically low turnout for District Assembly elections over the years, between 30 and 40 per cent and as low as 18 per cent in the metropolises.

“The assemblies are meant to bring development to our door steps and perhaps more important for you than Parliament,” Dr Afari-Gyan said.

Dr Afari-Gyan said people with information that could lead to the prosecution of candidates riding on the wings of political parties were normally uncooperative.

As part of the seminar the visually impaired among the participants were taught how to vote, using the tactile ballot papers.

Ms Laurentia Kpatakpa, Volta Regional Director of the EC, assured participants that the siting and operations of the polling stations would be disability friendly.

Some participants contesting Assembly and Unit Committee memberships complained people were using their disabilities against them.