PHOTOS: Hajia Fati And Her TV Set @ 'Won Gbo' Demo

The ongoing power crisis in the country has evidently caused a lot of harm to several Ghanaians especially those in the business sector.

Businesses that depend solely on electricity complain of spending so much in buying fuel just to power their generators due to ‘dumsor’. Those who are not able to the buy generators have to stay idle until the lights come on.

Even though several promises have been made by the ruling National Democratic Congress, nothing concrete has been done to end this crisis.

In view of this the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) organized a demonstration tagged ‘Won Gbo’ for government to know that Ghanaians are not happy with the current situation in the country as far as the economy and electricity are concerned.

So many Ghanaians joined the NPP’s protest carrying one placard or the other. Other’s carried fridge, sewing machine and so on.

Hajia Fati, a staunch member of the NPP was not left out. She carried her Television set; suggesting that it got damaged due to the incessant ‘dum dum sor’ (power crisis).

Check out pictures below