‘I Have Thick Skin’- Power Minister Responds To Prez Mahama’s Sacking Threat -

Power Minister Kwabena Donkor has responded to President Mahama’s warning to possibly sack him if he fails to realize his public promise to end the power crisis by December 2015.

The Minister told Joy News, “I have put my political career on the line” and that he is ready “to take personal responsibility” for the energy crisis popularly known as ‘dumsor’ in local parlance.

In a rare show of grit and teeth, President Mahama reminded the Minister during his 2015 State of the Nation address that he will be holding the Minister to his own promise.

Kwabena Donkor who has promised to resign if he fails to resolve the power crisis says he understands the political suicide implied in his statement.

But having developed “a thick skin” in governance since 1992, the Minister says he is confident that the Power Ministry will get consumers off an irritating load-shedding that has persisted since 2012.

Acknowledging sections of skepticism across the country, the Minister said he was brought in at this time to help realize Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s vision for an industrialized country running on a vibrant energy sector.

“I do appreciate the skepticism…but no social media will stop us. We will do this even at the peril of our lives”, he told Joy News Wednesday, minutes after Parliament ended its sitting.

The Minister was brought in to head a new ministry in November after Power was separated from the Energy ministry.

President Mahama has sacked only one minister since he was sworn-in in 2012. Of late however, he has been sacking some of his senior staff at the Presidency.