Lets Stop Deceiving Ourselves About Our Local Elections

Dr Emmanuel Debrah, Head of Political Science Department, University of Ghana, has urged Ghanaians to desist from believing that the district level elections are still non partisan.

He said from all indications, it had become very clear that the elections had been smeared with partisan politics and it would not be wise for Ghanaians to continue to believe that such elections had no political colouration.

Dr Debrah said this on Thursday during a forum orgnised by the Economy of Ghana Network (EGN), a civil society organization.

He said the existence of partisanship in the district level elections was a reality as candidates were mostly sponsored by political parties, with some candidates choosing party colors for their advertisements although the laws governing such elections did not allow it.

Dr Debrah attributed the low patronage of such elections to the nation’s law which totally bans the politicization of such elections as compared to the general elections.

He said candidates who contested the district level election in Ghana were usually known to belong to the two dominant parties, adding that usually those who are truly non-partisan were those who belonged to the smaller parties.

Dr Debrah said the citizenry and the candidates had demonstrated in all ways that partisanship was the only way to boost participation in the district level elections.

He said although it was non partisanship the enables the ordinary person to also contest in elections, the candidates failed to inspire the people on key issues as it was only the political parties which had the capacity to develop programmes which usually responded to the needs of the people.