KKD Allegedly ‘Disowned’ His Son for Allegedly Being GAY

Before Kwesi Kyei Darkwah’s recent alleged rape case involving a 19 year old girl who many have said is capable of being his daughter because of his age (50)—KKD somewhat served as a moral demi-god in the public sphere and allegedly at his home.

In 2002, his about 7 years of marriage finally broke down—divorce was filed. Out of the union KKD was blessed with two children—a boy and a girl, currently 22 and 19 years old respectively.

KKD for many years (before his marriage broke down and after) has served as the fountainhead of morality—and to some extent became a moral activist on social media with regularly posts lauding and teaching morality. In public, he stood as that ‘perfect’ man with a good understanding of African moral standards—and in fact, posed as though he lived by such standards.

GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told that, in his household as a father, he had a moral landscape and a fall down the slope was unacceptable. How dare you fall below the expected moral standards when you have a moral demi-god as your father—and we are told, his son-Kwaku Kyei Darkwah allegedly had long nights of roughness with his father because of his ‘sexual orientation or preference’.

‘You know KKD did not speak to his lovely son for quite a long time because the boy is Gay? He has such a high moral standard and that is why some of us wonder why he couldn’t live by his own moral expectations which has put him in this uncomfortable rape situation’, our source said.

Kwaku Kyei Darkwah and sister-Ohemaa Asokwa Kyei-Darkwah
Being Gay in Africa has for many years been condemned for cultural and religious reasons—though these reasons and arguments break down when you begin to look at the many things these same religious and cultural African gay haters engage in. That part of the world is basically the battle ground for hypocrisy and as such, we did not struggle to find reasons why KKD would want to disown his son—for allegedly being Gay.

The discussion the above Gay claim ignited out here at GhanaCelebrities.Com revolved around the moral landscape—people who seem to have such high moral expectations of others and have designed this unrealistic landscape, yet they reside at the bottom of the landscape.