Why My Marriage To Akosua Agyapong Died - Nat Brew

Highlife legend Amandzeba Nat Brew says his failure to call his wife Akosua Agyepong for ten days whilst on a trip to the USA cost him his 15 year-old-marriage. 

The marriage between the two celebrities was one that made the headlines in the 1990s.

They were the hottest celebrity couple in the country but what caused their marriage to end after 15 years remains a mystery to many.

Well after years of keeping that close to his chest, Amandzeba for the first time disclosed to myjoyonline.com that their marriage ended because he failed to call his wife, Akosua Agyepong for 10 days while he was away in the United States.

Narrating what he believes caused the separation, Amandzeba said shortly after appearing on Personality Profile on Joy FM last Thursday that the phone call he took for granted about 12-years-ago laid the foundation for the divorce.

He said, “If you are going to look at it objectively, I think especially for the women, she is actually very sentimental and very emotional about the little things that we don’t give too much care to. For instance if I should travel to the United States for just ten days and I’m not able to call back home that’s an issue.

“You come back and then the whole house is in tantrums and stuffs like that. Well to me, it’s nothing significant but I think that to her, as a woman [it is]. Now I can understand she had a cause to worry. Ten days of absence, no call, nothing and isn’t because I deliberately didn’t call.

“I went to the United States during Christmas. That was about 12 years ago. If you went to the States and you are trying to call back home [and] the lines are constantly engaged for ten days that is the big deal,” the veteran musician narrated.

According to Amandzeba, although they had been together for more than ten years, he underestimated the impact of what ten days without a call will have on their marriage. “I think she actually took a very firm decision on that because she taught that it didn’t go down well with her at all. I came, we spoke about it she wanted us to separate…,” he added.

“I wouldn’t put it on her at all. I will say that for the sake of her and the kids, it is my responsibility.”

Nakorex and love:

In 1992, the concept of Nakorex as a group was born. The group was made up of three members, Amandzeba Nat Brew, Akosua Agyapong and Rex Omar.

Rex was married. This paved the way for Amandzeba and Akosua, who were both single, to start a whole love life of their own.

“Things developed so as we go along and then we travelled, and we sit in the same car and we rob ourselves. She was always in the middle so she will definitely touch me,” he recounted.

One thing led to the other and the pair officially started dating in 1994. “Two years later I did very well. It took two years to do all the appraisals and then come to a conclusion that well this where I think I am going to stop.”

Amandzeba and Akosua got married soon after that. They were married for 15 years and were blessed with four kids.

For years, there had been several rumours with regards to what might have caused the group to part ways with many pointing fingers at Akosua and Amandzeba for mixing business with pleasure.

The group reunited and performed at the 10th anniversary of Joy FM’s Nite with the Stars in 2010 at the Accra International Conference Centre.

Although they are divorced, Amandzeba revealed that, he still keeps in touch with Akosua, who is now married.

[If] we have [issues] so why should I miss out in the development of the kids. They love me so I can’t actually betray them. I have to be around them,” he said.

Asked if he could turn back the hands of time, Amandzeba said no.

“I think everything happen for a reason. There is a lot that we’ve actually done and achieved in our separate ways. If God put something apart nobody can put it together.”