Where Is The Gang That Helped Woyome? - Kofi Wayo Asks

Controversial politician and businessman, Charles Kofi Wayo has posed a few questions to the lawyers at the Attorney General’s Department who dragged businessman, Alfred Woyome to court on the charges of causing financial lose to the state.

To him, Mr. Woyome is not a civil servant and could not have singularly caused financial loss to the state without the connivance with others and it therefore means the Attorney General did a shoddy job.

“…can one man cause financial loss to the State? Where is the gang that helped Woyome? How did the Attorney General’s office handle the case? Where are they? Why were they not called to court? Why?” the obviously discouraged Kofi Wayo quizzed on Neat 100.9 FM.

Mr. Alfred Woyome was charged with causing financial loss to the State of Ghana but after four years of litigation, the Accra High Court has acquitted and discharged him to the dismay of most Ghanaians.

Kofi Wayo however, applauded President Mahama for not attempting to influence the case in anyway.

“…this has nothing to do with the President and it was good he did not interfere as we all know. If he had, I would have attacked him myself,” he said.