The Evolution of African Fashion

Being Fashionable is one thing staying in trend and living up to par is another. We can say that Africans are setting themselves apart especially when it comes to African designers in the world as well as indigenes patronizing indigenous designers.

We can now conveniently go to awards and be certain that the outfits worn are by our very own. The just Concluded African Magic Viewers Choice Awards brought to light a lot of upcoming designers and showcased the creativity and innovation resting in the hand of African Designers.

Today we can comfortably say that Oscar De La Renta, Elie Saab, Ralph Lauren and some of the major designers are names that are not mentioned on the red carpet compared to the past, they have been replaced by House hold fashion names like Gloria Adablah, Sarah Duah, House of Marie, Tap designs and Elikem Kumordzie.

One of the memorable outfits at the awards has to be the dress worn by Joselyn Dumas, it is quite hard to forget how she looked so gorgeous and effortlessly radiant. The designer PISTIS is not even one of the popular ones we know but that dress was everything. It just goes on to explain how amazing our designers are doing and how unnecessary it is to source for high class fashion looks from outside our own when the very best is home.

It was not too long ago that Nigerian Fashion Designer Amaka Osakwe of Maki Oh was invited to the white house by the first lady Michelle Obama to join some of Michelle’s favorite designers at the 2014 ‘Celebration of Design‘ cocktailevent at The White House. That is the beginning of great recognition and very much states that African design is beyond making head way.

High Street Designers that are responsible for the production of mass clothing, the likesof Zara, River Island, H&M are just a few steps away from being taken over by fashion Labels saddled with mass production technique, with the internet being the biggest means of publicity and its coverage running far and wild, it is only a matter of few instagram pictures and some Tags to get people talking about that dress or outfit and before you know it, publicity has sorted itself out.

The Online Shops in Africa are utilizing this in the best way they can, because the main aim of every business oriented mind is to make profit and what better way to do that than joining a platform that is willing to expand your horizon beyond your imagination thereby reaching out to a plethora of buyers willing to patronize you. Kaymu is one of those Online Portals initiating this.

We live in a Generation where everything is simplified, everyone is clamoring to be their own CEO and creative juices are pouring out of brains, so it is not farfetched when Creative director is on the complementary card of a lot of people.

It just goes ahead to push us closer to the point where we would barely need the use of external input in the decisions we make when it comes to our fashion choices, and with the battalion of style enthusiasts, consultants and fashion bloggers, finding our footing is only a stone throw away.