Kwame Adinkra Wanted In Kumasi

Radio listeners in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital, are virtually in tears over ace broadcast journalist, Kwame Adinkra�s, departure from the region. The seasoned broadcaster recently shocked residents of Kumasi when he left Angel FM to pitch camp with Atinka FM in Accra, the national capital. Kwame Adinkra�s exit from the radio industry in the Ashanti Region came as a great surprise to radio listeners, notably his numerous fans. Scores of people in the region have expressed gross concern over Adinkra�s decision to leave the area at this time, without giving any hint. According to them, Adinkra, over the years, acted as the official voice of the region by sacrificing and fighting for the interest and growth of the area. They particularly recounted how Adinkra, through the powerful medium of radio, championed for developmental projects to take place in the region. According to them, Kwame Adinkra until his departure was the face of radio in Kumasi just as Kwame Sefa Kayi is for Accra. The people, therefore, described his exit from the area as a great blow to the radio industry in Kumasi and the Ashanti Region in general. They observed that radio in Kumasi, in particular the morning show segment, had become hollow since Adinkra left the scene some few weeks ago. Some of the people even went to the extent of launching a blistering attack on Kwame Adinkra�s personality over his decision to leave the region. �Kwame Adinkra has been unfair to the people of Ashanti Region by leaving the area at this time,� an angry looking Maame Adwoa lamented. Kwaku Appiah, a resident of Krofrom nearly hurled insults at Kwame Adinkra over his decision to leave the region, accusing him of being unfair to the region. Sounding angry, he stated, �Now that he has left the Ashanti Region, who will be championing the interest of the people, as well as the region on radio ?� Wofa Yaw of Bantama, on his part, said Kwame Adinkra had left a huge vacuum in the radio industry in Kumasi which would be very difficult to fill anytime soon. He lambasted Kwame Adinkra for allowing himself to be wooed by huge money to leave Kumasi for Accra, noting, �He left because of money.� Wofa Yaw urged Kwame Adinkra to return to Kumasi, saying, �His fans are ready to contribute to poach him from Atinka FM.� Kwame Adinkra dominated the radio industry in Kumasi for more than a decade during his days at Otec, Fox, Kapital and Angel FM.