“No Woman Or Amount Of Money Can Break Up A Group” - Praye Tiatia

Cartel Big J of Praye fame was on Happy FM and gave inside stories of how the Praye group operated.

The singer now promoting his solo effort revealed; “It’s unfortunate we broke up, but it wasn’t a pleasant break up like it was reported earlier.

It didn’t end on a good note. Most of the things that happened took me by surprise. Tintin left and Honeho also left. Left to me, the group should have been intact.

We were an award winning group and we performed in several other places you would not even imagine. It’s sad it ended this way.”

On how difficult it was being in the group he revealed; “I will attribute the difficulty of being in a group to the fact that, in the beginning, everyone is hungry for money and the fame and so stays humble to get these things. After the money and fame and all the other benefits starts coming; that’s where you see how well the people you are dealing with were brought up.

I will like to add that no woman or amount of money can break a music group; it’s our egos that break the groups up. “As soon as the fame comes, a lot of friends start popping up to give good and bad counsel. If you are not careful and picky, people will start putting lots of ideas into your head and you will start feeling yourself to the extent that you will want to go solo. These friends make you feel you are the reason why the group was doing well and so if you move on to be solo you will be successful.

Most people fall for the trap.”