Girls Call To Disturb Me A Lot; Send Me Nude Pictures - Says 'Drop That Yam' Actor

Not even after featuring in top movies such as A Sting in a Tale, 4 Play Reloaded, Honour My Tears and Wedding Night has actor, Harold Amenyah, earned the kind of fame he expected. That was not until a couple of months ago when he featured in the now popular Tigo commercial, “Drop That Yam”. Now Harold is basking in the celebrity world.

These days, his face is recognised everywhere he goes and he seems to be enjoying his new status, which he says, is remarkably  different from his old “wahala” days when he had to deal tactfully with his female admirers, some of whom sent him nude pictures on his social media page.

Harold told Showbiz recently that, although some of his female fans have tried their best to get his attention, he has never taken advantage of any of them.  “Some of my female fans actually call me on my cell phone after they realise I have blocked them. It is strange how they manage to get my number but they call to disturb me a lot,” he said.

Asked whether he was dating, the handsome actor and a graduate of the University of Ghana with a major in Economics with Maths said he is single at the moment and ready to mingle. Talking about his kind of girl, Harold who doubles as an emcee and an actor said he prefers a beautiful lady with a well-toned skin. His lady should be smart, tall, and hardworking and challenge him all the time.

He confessed to Showbiz that he has never been serious in the few relationships that he was in. According to him, all his ex-girlfriends dumped him after they realised he was not serious.

Harold said it amazes him when he receives congratulatory messages on his social media page for marrying actress, Naa Ashorkor, who co-featured in the Tigo advert.

“I always have to explain to my fans that Naa Ashorkor is not my wife. I understand where they are coming from because the Tigo advert came around the time Naa Ashorkor got married,” he said.

Explaining how he got into movies, Harold said Naa Ashorkor who has been his long-time friend hooked him up to Sparrow Productions and he was glad to have qualified to feature in A Sting in a Tale after he auditioned for it.

Harold said he is ready to go into full time acting so far as he gets good scripts and good actors to work with.