Almost 90% of Male Showbiz Personalities In GH Are Seen As Players- Lexis Bill Reveals

Host of Drive Time on Joy 99.7fm, Lexis Bill was on GHOne TV’s Rhythm show where he talked about how it all started for him, his social life and what’s next for him.

Lexis Bill for sometime has been labeled as a serious player by sections of the public. When asked by the host whether this assertion is something to go by, he said, “I walked into an industry where almost 90% of male showbiz personalities are seen as players by the public, but there is no need being a player. I’m not a player, I haven’t and I won’t be a player”.

He added that there is no benefit being a player, and that being a player will not pay him. Lexis Bill has been rumoured to have something to do with former Miss Tourism Ghana winner, Charlotte Sika, a certain lawyer and the list goes on, and on.

On whether he had dreams of becoming a radio presenter, he said, “It wasn’t my dream to be on radio, I had no idea of it. My dream was to be a pilot or a doctor.

Lexis Bill has worked with Focus fm, Kapital radio, radio Xtacy, Hitz fm, and now with Joy fm where he is now the late afternoon show host, and as well Lexis Bill is the host of reality TV talk show, Men’s World. Lexis is also having his own ultra modern gym with state of art equipment at Ashaley Botwe close to Lakeside Junction.

Lexis Bill advised the up and coming ones to be humble, be knowledgeable about their craft, be nice to people and as well, learn as they grow.