Akrobeto Replies Van Vicker ...

Popular Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker has reiterated that Kumahood actors/actresses can’t read script.

In a one-on-one interview with Akwasi Boadi, popularly known as Akrobeto on Storm 101.9 in Sunyani, Akrobeto had this to say.

Van Vicker says Kumawood Stars can’t read script. What is your take on that? The host asked Akrobeto. “Hahahahaha!! This is not a problem my brother. Whether you can read script or not, whether you go to school or not, the main thing is to make it in life. That is the key. Not all persons had the chance to go to school.

That is why you people does newspaper review so that those who can’t read can understand.

Akrobeto added, just recently, I was asked to come and act in English “I told them I didn’t go to school, but they insisted Iam the one they needed. So I told them I would prefer to use my own form of speaking English. Master, the movie is great and perfect. Some of the stars in the movie are Kalsoume Sinare and some Nigerian super stars. It’s about knowing what you are doing not script reading. I didn’t go to school but am very popular because am doing well in my profession. When Ronaldo was receiving his award, he spoke his local language. “But it’s good to go to school. No matter how you are, use your God given talent profitably. Don’t be disheartened if you did not go to school. What is important is making it in life.