Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) Divided Over US$9,000 Loan Saga

Members of the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) are sharply divided over the $9,000 saga that has engulfed part of the leadership of the association.

There are some members who believe the revelations in the media by some members of the association’s Executive Council are ‘washing their dirty linen’ in public but there are others who strongly believe that everything must be exposed with a full investigation.

At the premises of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), the issue has raised heated debates as to what has to be done.

Some members last Wednesday told the Graphic Sports that they felt the issue after the initial revelation by the paper, should now be left for the association to deal with it internally, but there are others who strongly believe that the General Assembly should converge as a matter of urgency to find a solution to the problem.

“ There is no point making revelations in the media. After the initial revelation, the association must be left to handle the issue internally,” one of the members vehemently opposed to a continuous media reportage on the issue said.

“The perception out there is that everyone in football is there because there is some loose money to loot. It is therefore important to let the world know that once it is found out, it will be exposed.

“However, I think the Executive Council will have to convey an emergency meeting to find a way to get to the bottom of the matter,” he said.

While the members argue among themselves, the Graphic Sports has also learnt there is a proposed meeting with some imminent members of the association to mediate.

The paper has also learnt that the Executive Council members are waiting for the March 31 deadline with a two-day grace period for the chairman, Alhaji Ali Raji to refund the $9,000 as he promised at the first meeting.

About a fortnight ago, the Graphic Sports broke the news that the chairman, Alhaji Raji and the treasurer, George Amoako, had been asked to resign from their positions for contracting a $9,000 loan from the GFA without the knowledge of the other members and without the proper adminstrative procedure.

When confronted with the issue at a meeting, the chairman asked to be given the end of the month to refund the money, though he later said in an interview with the Graphic Sports that the money was paid to Enugu Rangers through an agent, Eric Oppong Yeboah.

Mr Amoako on his part, said he only played his official role as he had been misled to believe that the money was to defray part of a $30,000 indebtedness to Nigeria club side, Enugu Rangers for playing in the 2013 President’s Cup.

Enugu Rangers have also denied receiving any money from the association, insisting that Mr Oppon Yeboah was not their agent, but rather introduced to them by Alhaji Raji as a member of the Organising Committee of the President’s Cup.