The Mirror Ball Resurrects At SOHO!

Easter Sunday is still a few days away however a select audience of Accra’s trendsetters already have experienced another resurrection of some sorts. 

It needed no scientific calculations or long analysis to arrive at the conclusion that Ghana’s favourite premium monthly old school entertainment platform – the Mirror Ball would return in style at its new home in the well-appointed interior of the SOHO restaurant and bar lounge located in the Marina Mall at Airport City.

By 10 pm droves of well-dressed ladies and gentlemen adorned in crisp white attire streamed into the lobby and up the elevator for a short ride to the first floor where the doors opened up into a world far away from Airport City. 

The sound and lighting as well as the sophisticated crowd immediately placed one in an ambience reminiscent of the best that night life in New York or London has to offer.  Even add LA and Dubai if you will and you will still find it hard shaking off Ghana’s old school title holder.

The “All White” party sponsored by Mumm champagne was as good as it gets for a launch celebration, as guests were welcomed with a chilled glass of the premium bubbly. 

Very intense and fruity to the palate, the world class champagne added a touch of class to the evening as DJ Blow anointed the dance floor with classics to mark the maiden jam.  Guests claimed their favourite areas of the lounge as they always do and the coolest tunes from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s ordered the steps accordingly.