Prez Mahama Summons Murtala...But Dep Min Refuses To Apologise To NDC MP

The Presidency has summoned the Deputy Trade Minister Murtala Mohammed over his tirade on social media that some government officials are plotting to unseat him.

He later alleged on social media that a Cabinet Minister has hired a lady to access nude pictures of another cabinet minister.

Murtala is yet to mention names but President Mahama has invited him to explain his claims.

The Nanton lawmaker on Thursday wrote on his Facebook wall that: “I ask those sycophantic elements to ask the said MP whether it is ethical to buy a tablet and a mobile phone for a lady friend of a colleague cabinet Minister to get nude pictures of that colleague of his, available WhatsApp messages, text messages and audio.

“Those sycophants have no idea where they r dragging him to. They should not push me.”

“I observed with regrettable coyness de numerous comments made on social media as well as on radio about my comments on Radio Diamond. Some of de comments are made by people who genuinely care for the truth and some unfortunately motivated by reasons known to their consciences. I had no doubt in mind that my comments were certainly going to provoke the kind of debate it provoked.

“For those who r genuinely hurt by my comments I sincerely apologise to them. But for de said MP and those who think like him, I have no apology for them not now n not ever.”