Reggie Zippy & Bollie Lose Out At Britain�s Got Talent

Weeks ago, former musicians, Reggie Zippy and Bollie made news when they made it to the next round of the Britain�s Got Talent reality show. Sadly, they didn't make it to the third round where they would be interviewed by the celebrity judges.. Speaking to the duo, they explained the reason behind their failure to reach the next round, they said; �The researcher who was working on their profile called him to inform him that they weren't selected to the round three. He explained that, the organizers wanted to get their producer to sign a release form before they filmed for TV due to copyright considerations � but things didn't work out for them. To Reggie Zippy, though they couldn't make it to the celebrity judges round, the main reasons for going to the audition has been achieved. �We went to the Britain�s Got Talent Audition because we needed the opportunity to push our music career forward and also re-launch ourselves in the UK music industry, and with the second round we got to, it�s still a good profile we can use to get to our peak.� Better luck next time we guess.