Nana Addo is Born To be MP Prophet Kankam Reveals

Prophet Emmanuel Kankam Kweku Atta Karkra, Leader of the Freedom Fighters Fellowship is insisting that, Nana Akufo-Addo, the flagbearer of the main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) was born to be a Member of Parliament (MP) but not to lead the whole country as President.

Prophet Kankam prior to the 2012 general elections gave a similar prophecy about Nana Addo and he is insisting that the NPP flagbearer is destined to be MP forever.

“As the leopard cannot change its spots, so does Nana Addo can’t change his destiny, as he is destined to be an MP forever but not a President on this planet,” he said.

Prophet Kankam wondered why the NPP flagbearer failed to heed to his prophecy and attempted to contest presidential elections in 2012 and now 2016.

“Instead of embracing the message from God the Father, accept his fate to work patiently towards what God has promised him, Nana Addo rather dumped what God has said about him and has pitched his camp against the God of justice,” he said.

He disclosed that the two defeats suffered by Nana Addo from the hands of the late President Atta Mills and President John Dramani Mahama should have served as a lesson for the NPP flagbearer and his supporters to fear and obey God.

“But lo and behold, he has refused to accept his fate and has once again pitched his camp for the third time against God’s good intensions for Ghanaians. Thus says the Lord God of hosts, this time around, God through the Freedom Fighters Fellowship is going to strip the spiritual strong hold and the inner secrets of Nana Addo Dankwa naked for all to know why he (Akufo Addo) cannot and should never be made a President of our generation for a single day,” he said.

Prophet Kankam intimated that all the secrets would be brought to light through a biblical mystery interpretations and talk show of reality, entitled “Ghana, America, the NDC and the NPP in Destiny Prophecy”, part one, two and three, to be held very soon.