Greenstreet Commends Govít For Massive Road Works

The General Secretary of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), Mr  Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, has commended the government for the massive road works going on on the Eastern corridor of the country.

He said the Eastern corridor road, which he described last year as “a death trap”, would significantly transform into one of the best roads in the country when finally completed.

During an interview, Mr Greenstreet said he would not be surprised if the work of the government along that corridor transformed into votes come 2016.

“The likelihood is that the NDC will sweep all the votes along that corridor if the rate of work continues and we the opposition parties probably must take care,” he confessed.

Mr Greenstreet added, “If the road is completed, it will be a great legacy of President John Mahama,” and expressed the hope that funds would continue to be made available so that work could continue before the setting in of the rainy season.


This is in sharp contrast to an earlier statement he made in December 2014 to the effect that “the Eastern corridor road was a death trap.”

“The truth must be told,” Mr Greenstreet told the Daily Graphic, explaining, “After my Kumasi torpedo, I went to the north using the Eastern corridor road where I made the comment that the Eastern corridor road was a death trap.

“But this time round, when I went to the north, I used that road; in fact a lot of work had been done on the road and so the truth has to be told and I think it will be to the benefit of Ghana as a whole,” he said.

Mr Greenstreet, during the NDC National Delegates Congress in Kumasi, openly lashed at the ruling NDC for not doing enough to ease the sufferings of the ordinary Ghana, adding that no one was feeling the Better Ghana Agenda of the President.


Asked how he would feel if people saw him as doing political propaganda, he challenged anyone “to go and use the road and see whether what I’m saying is just propaganda.”

He rejected such an assertion and explained that he was saying the truth and that he was amazed by the level of work so far done on the road since he last used it and felt it was fair to commend where commendation was due.

“So, it enabled me to kill a number of birds with one stone. It enables me to tell the truth and also to “reconcile with my brothers in the NDC.

“The road is now very good and the work that has been done is very impressive. Yendi to Bimbilla took me one hour and the road to Nkwanta, apart from a small portion between Damango and Bonakye, is very good. There has been a lot of good work and the Nkwanta Township has been transformed because of the road,” he said.

He, however, expressed the hope that similar attention would be given to other important roads such as that of Accra-Kumasi. 

Political ambition

On his political ambition, he said “all I am currently doing is working as the general secretary to complete the constituency elections and the regional congresses. So, I don’t think during that process, I will be talking about my ambition.”

Mr Greenstreet insisted that for now, the CPP was focusing on putting in place its regional executives.

On what the CPP thinks about the current state of the economy, Mr Greenstreet said his party was opposed to the Economic Partnership Agreement  (EPA), genetically modified organism (GMO), and IMF conditionalities among others.

 “We want to retain control of our development and use debts to enhance domestic resources and create jobs in export expansion and import substitution. Not debts for balance of payment and exchange rate support,” he noted.