Protests in London over David Cameron's election win

Some left activists Saturday afternoon desecrated a war memorial to the gallant sacrifice of women who served during the Second World War as anarchists objecting to Thursday's election result protested outside Downing Street.

Police officers were injured and vandals defaced a war memorial during violent protests in central London.

The graffiti - which read "F*** Tory scum" - was sprayed onto a statue commemorating the role of women in World War Two by protesters as they marched on Downing Street.

Dozens of protesters, many of them wearing masks or balaclavas tried to push their way through police lines. Some of the protesters brandished highly offensive banners as they marched towards Downing Street Protesters chanted 'Get the Tories Out' and 'Tory Scum' as they abused police officers trying to keep the peace Scotland Yard said two police officers needed hospital treatment and 17 people were arrested during the "unplanned anti-austerity protest" on Whitehall on Saturday afternoon as demonstrators reacted to the Conservatives' shock election victory.

The Royal British Legion today condemned the vandalism brandishing it as a 'senseless act'.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed they are investigating the vandalism which formed part of the un-authorised protest which left two police officers requiring hospital treatment.

A Downing Street spokesman said: "Spraying graffiti on war memorials is a despicable display of disrespect for those who fought and died for their country, particularly at a time when the whole nation comes together to commemorate the 70th anniversary of VE Day."

In Cardiff, anti-Tory protesters took part in a rally at the Aneurin Bevan statue in Queen Street.
Singer Charlotte Church was among the estimated 200 people to take part.

She was pictured with a placard which read: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more."
A group calling itself The People's Assembly Against Austerity claims it is organising another demonstration in the capital on 20 June.