Phone Thief Hauled Before Court

A 32-year-old trader has appeared before the Amasaman District Court B for unlawful entry and stealing.

Michael Asiedu was said to have stolen mobile phones from a tailoring shop and a hairdressing salon. 

Though he pleaded not guilty on both counts, he was found guilty by the court after a full trial and was fined GH¢ 24,000, failure of which he will serve three months in prison. 

The facts of the case as presented to the court by the Prosecutor, Sergeant Salifu Nashiru, were that  on April  30, 2015, Patience Adofo, a seamstress who resided at Sowutuom, was asleep on a mat in her shop  with her phones by her side.

 Sergeant Nashiru said Adofo was awakened by shouts from one Philomena Fiscian, a witness in the case who saw the accused person picking the phones.

It was then that Adofo realised that her mobile phone and that of her apprentice had been stolen. 

According to Sgt Salifu, Philomina gave a vivid description of him - his stature, the attire he was wearing and the bag he was holding.

He said based on the description given, Asiedu was traced and arrested.

However when he was arrested, he was without the bag and had changed into another outfit.