Investigate The Acid Attack Quickly To Prevent Further Crisis - Security Expert

Following the acid attack which led to the death of the NPP's Upper East Regional Chairman, Mahama Adams, Security Expert, Dr. Kwesi Aning has advised the police investigating the case to speed up.

According to him, any further delay in the investigation can foment further crisis, cautioning that the criminality of the case should be separated from politics.

Speaking on Oman Fm’s National Agenda Morning Show, Dr. Kwesi Aning said there is unfortunate creeping development where every crime in political parties are described as politically induced crime, adding “crime is crime, every life is precious”.

We have to know and arrest those who committed this heinous crime to face the full rigor of the law. If we don’t do that and it escalates into a serious fight in Bolgatanga between the family and supporters of Mahama and those they suspect are behind the crime, there may be copy cut elsewhere in other region,” he cautioned.

It is important for the investigators to do their work quickly to finally arrest those involved in the murder so that we can isolate those who committed the crime and their accomplices. There should be information constantly from the police; factual information about what is going on so that it can calm tension...”, he advised.

He further admonished the NPP leaders and the activists to stop the prejudicial statements because it will make the investigation work difficult; insisting “we should allow the police and the investigators to do their work and finish on time to bring those involved to court before linking the crime to the happenings in the party”.