GES Asks Christians To Pray For Africa

Reverend Enoch Immanuel Agbozo, Leader of Ghana Evangelical Society (GES), has noted that the divine protector of Christians would redeem Africa through a new Ghana and therefore urged the citizenry to pray without ceasing.

Speaking on the theme: “Behold the New Thing, New Church, New Ghana of Divine Glory,” at a home coming ceremony on Monday, he said a new Ghana and a new church is the basis of a new Africa.

The GES leader said Ghana has entered a 30- year period of divine glory and “2015 is a year of glory”.

The non-denominational evangelistic missionary movement seeks to enlighten the public about the change that would visit the shores of the country within three years.

Rev Agbozo said Ghana would experience change within the period since the foundational pillars necessary for restoration and redemption for creating a new Africa, has been founded in Ghana “and within seven years Africa will change”.

He emphasised that where as the leaders of African Union (AU) should focus on bringing unity to Africa, it should be a day set aside for Christians to pray for Africa.

He said God has set a foundational leadership in Ghana, which is to affect the rest of the Africa.

He said: “if politicians who make policies are corrupt then Ghanaians should bid redemption fare well.”

He advised Christians to educate politicians on the godly power protecting the country and ushering it into a new don.
He said corruption is due to the politicisation of issues by trying to take everything into their own hands or own everything because they see themselves to be in charge of the affairs of the state.

“Corruption is now a general outcry, leaders think it their right to posses the nation and its resources,” he observed.
He said there should be politicians who recognise the existence of God and obey Him since obedience leads to abundant grace.

Rev Clara Baadoo, Senior Minister of GES said God wants to use the Christian faith to send the love Ghana is experiencing to the rest of Africa.

She said the AU day marks GES homecoming thanksgiving for the 40 years of the existence of the society.
Rev Baadoo said it is also a day which God reviews the activities of Africa.