NPP Needs Native Wisdom

When I was growing up my grandmother had a statement I so fondly remember her for “Nyansa Nko na Adwene Nko” meaning there is a difference between wisdom and knowledge.

What grandmother meant was that someone can go to school and be very intelligent on books but can be very stupid. Anyone who has watched Mr. Kwaw Ansah’s film Heritage Africa will understand what am saying.

Kwesi Attah Bosomfie, rearranged by the colonial master as Quincy Arthur Bosomfil was a clever clever chap who was appointed a District Commissioner (DC). His mother entrusted him with their family heirloom (Soul of the family) by virtue of his education. Quincy stupidly sent the heirloom to his boss the Governor telling him he was sure her Royal Highness, the Queen of Britain will be happy with it.

One day when his mother came round for the heirloom, he foolishly told his mother he has given the family asset to his boss. He also told his mother how excited his boss was at receiving the edifies.

That was when his mother told him how disappointed she was and the fact that his twin brother who has never been to school will not do what he has done. Off course his mother left with a warning that he should retrieve the heirloom which eventually led to his (Quincy’s) death.

The NPP leadership is behaving like a Quincy, they boast of arguably the most learned people in Ghana. Lawyers, Engineers, Economist, Financial experts etc yet they will freely give their heirloom (Power) to an outsider.

I decided I won’t comment on happenings in the NPP but I think is about time wisdom ruled the party. Since the Tamale Congress there has being issues of factions. Yes factions are necessary evils, how you harness the factions for victory matters most. President Kufuor was opposed by his own in-law J.H. Mensah, but he was very powerful in his government. J.H. was nick named the senior minister.

Mr. Kennedy Agyapong has really surprised me for his recent comments in which he accuses his Chairman, General Secretary, former Chief of Staff in the Kufuor Administration (Kojo Mpiani) and former president Kufuor for masterminding the recent acid attack that led to the death of the Upper East Regional Chairman. I least expected this from Mr. Agyapong who has in the past accused his party for being too quick to accept blame.

Mr. Agyapong went ahead to say if his Chairman and Secretary were not apprehended then the party will spoil. Wow, a very bad comment from a man who has put in so much funds into the party.

As if his comments were not enough there has emerged two groups within the party calling for the removal of the Chairman and General secretary on one hand and the Flag bearer on the hand.

Is this a party that has the antidotes to the myriad of problems facing Ghanaians? Won’t they spend all their time fighting over trivial issues? I heard a group has shamefully given the flag bearer a week to resign or they will demonstrate in front of his house.

In all these party communicators are not helping matters, who told them the media is the platform for solving party matters. The rank and file should resort to native wisdom and put all their legalities at home for once.

In this matter asking one group to step aside won’t solve anything but rather deepen the crack. The National Executive Council and party elders should get the factions to unite at least for now to call their supporters to order. In that case nobody will feel defeated.

All their party faithfuls should cease making comments about the ongoing issue. Their many PR expects should know this is the time to set up a crisis communications team and refer all matters relating to the current crack. All factions should put the party first, pride and legalism does not win power.

Finally, they should disregard agenda 2020, if you don’t help your brother to get 2016 you are sure not going to get help come 2020. It is better to be a messenger in a ruling party than a Manager in an opposition. How true the president was. I know a driver of a deputy minister who owns 2 Toyota matrix cars.

NPP use native wisdom, throw the ‘I know my right’ away else you will fail yourself and Ghana as the most formidable opposition.