Man Jailed 7 Yrs For Defiling 4 Girls -Uses Fried Rice As Bait

A young food vendor who raped three girls in 2013 has been jailed for seven years after being on remand for one-and-half years.

The convict, Samuel Amoah, 27, defiled three young girls (names withheld for security reasons) aged nine, nine, and 11.

According to the police, the aunt of the complainant in the case for the 11-year-old girl came on a visit and noticed her niece was not walking properly and proceeded to alert her sister that she should ask her daughter why she was walking in that manner.

When confronted about the change in her walk, the 11-year-old girl confessed that the convict had been having sexual intercourse with her for some time.

Alarmed, both mother and sister gathered all the children in the house and interrogated them. During the interrogation, two other girls, both aged nine, confessed that he had also had sexual intercourse with them.

According to them, during the period when he was having the affair, he gave them fried rice and GH¢10 for them to share.

The issue was immediately reported to the Nungua DOVVSU, who effected Samuel’s arrest.

Subsequent medical investigations confirmed that the girls were defiled. The convict was a co-tenant in the house where the girls live with their parents.