Chicago NPP Speaks

The Chicago branch of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have mourned the late Adams Mahama and sent condolences to the bereaved family.

“One can only imagine the depth of the void his loss has created for the family of the late Chairman Adams Mahama. It is our hope that the family finds consolation in the knowledge that Chairman Adams lived a full live serving his party and the nation” a statement signed by the Chicago Chairman Patrick Antwi-Tawiah said.

Although words, they said, cannot capture the loss of the departed personality nonetheless they said “we must ensure that this great loss is not in vain by giving every effort towards justice.”

Finding the perpetrators and bringing them to book they said is a necessary step adding that to do so “we must isolate the criminal segment from the political” as, they continued, this would free the investigative authorities from being encumbered from the political dimension and thus delay justice.

The branch is worried that “we have allowed our internal politics to become extremely personalized to the extent that we are losing sight of the collective goal of public service.”

It is essential they went further “to understand that what we term internal politics is not merely internal because the actions and inactions of this party have implications for the entire country.”

“Continuing in this dysfunctional state undermines not only the party but risk the aspirations of Ghanaians” they said.

“We must fight the evolving personalization of our internal politics because of the future of Ghana, of the party and indeed the memory of our late chairman depends on it” the party said.