NPP Internal Strife: "Invisible Forces" To Welcome Afoko & K Agyepong To Party HQ

It seems NPP’s flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo -Addo’s plea to party members to cease fire with their recent internal conflicts has been well accepted.

Before his appeal, private security group guarding the party’s headquarters, nicknamed “The Invisible Forces” vowed not to allow National Chairman, Paul Afoko and General Secretary, Kwabena Agyepong access to their place of work.

However, presidential candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo addressing party supporters on recent happenings at the party’s headquarters on Friday, instructed that the two national executives be allowed to have access to their offices.

"Whilst we continue with the period of mourning for Chairman Adams and until the party’s governing bodies meet, I ask that we normalize things within our party. This means, for instance, that the officers of the party, the National Chairman and the General Secretary in particular, must have access to their offices at party headquarters and not be hindered in any way from being able to conduct their duties," he stated.

The Invisible Forces [IF], it appears, have welcomed the appeal by the flag-bearer of the party to grant the duo leeway.

Vice Chairman of the group, Dennis Ahmed during a press conference held on Friday, indicated that the group will heed to the call.

We are happy about what the flag-bearer came here to do and we heartily welcome the call. All we want is peace. As of today, all is okay now, everybody can come to the office and go about their normal duties. We don’t have problem with anybody. We are with them, what matters is that security of the party is paramount," he noted.

The Invincible Forces took over the headquarters and prevented the two beleaguered executives from entering their respective offices following accusations that they masterminded the killing of the party’s Upper East regional chairman, Adams Mahama.