Twins Arrested At Wesley Girls For Fake BECE Results

The Cape Coast Metropolitan Court will today hear a case in which two sisters allegedly forged the recent Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) result slips and placement forms to gain admission into Wesley Girls’ Senior High School.

The girls, who are twins, were said to have gone to the school in the company of their mother purposely to seek admission but the school authorities realised that the result slips they had were fake.

According to the headmistress of the school, Madam Betty Dzokoto, the students presented the result slips with nine aggregate ones, with the raw scores of 528 and 511.

Fake certificate
That, she said, aroused suspicion since the best score for the nation was 521; an indication that the one with the 511 had a better score than what had been declared as the national score.

According to her, when the girls’ mother was asked why the girls reported late for admission at the school, she said that their father travelled outside the country and for which reason they had some challenges.

Not convinced about the explanation, the results slips were referred to the school’s ICT centre for verification.

QR Code
According to the headmistress, with the aid of the QR Code, it was detected that the code on the slips did not match that of the school.
Besides, the girls had aggregates 30 and 34 and had chosen Home Economics as their preferred course.

Madam Dzokoto said it was at that point that the school’s authorities called in the police, who after investigations arraigned the suspects.