No Ghanaian Comedian Is My 'Co-equal' - Bob Okala

Two-time Arts Critics Reviewers Association Ghana (ACRAG) award winning comedian, Samuel Kwadwo Buabeng popularly called Bob Okala says he has no match when it comes to standup comedy in Ghana.

Bob Okala admits that though there are a number of comedians in the country, none surpasses his prowess.

The popular comedian first explained that there are 'jokers' in the country like Santo, of blessed memory, and Judas who make people laugh in movie conversations but cannot excite a live audience, something, only talented people like him can do.

His prowess notwithstanding, Bob Okala in an interview on ‘Entertainment This Week’ with MzGee said that his contribution to Ghana’s standup comedy began in an era where the industry was not lucrative. 

He recalled how the loss of Unilever, the main sponsor of the regular comedy series Key Soap Concert party, caused the demise of live concert, adding, he would have been a multi-millionaire by now if he started comedy in contemporary times. 

Asked if he could challenge the likes of Funny Face and DKB, who are touted as the hottest comedians in Ghana at the moment, the award winning comedian says he is still the best comedian despite his weakness in the English language.

Entertainment critic, Prince Tsegah lauded the comedian for maintaining his status in the industry.

He had an advice for DKB and Funny Face “… honest opinion of DKB and especially Funny Face is that they are more sarcastic than very funny.”

“Most of what they put out is sarcasm, that will make you just laugh but they don’t make you laugh without really ‘dising’ somebody or trying to put somebody down and for me that is not the art,” Prince Tsegah said.