Faith & Move Organization Launches An Operation To Make The Poor ‘Smile’

In Matthew 25:40, the Bible tells us that "the King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.' This reminds us to always give to the needy and poor in our community and for this reason, the Faith & Move Organization an NGO group, has taken a bold step to help the poor in society. spoke to Deacon Denis Larbi, who is the director of the group and he shed more light on the reason why they had the initiative to help. According to him he gets puzzled when he tries to reconcile the swarming number of poor families with the countless number of churches and rich men we have in our society.  

“It is our divine purpose to care for the needy and poor in society. We have a lot to do but it is our primary duty to educate people about helping the poor”, Deacon Larbi added.      

In a separate interview with Chief Superintendent Oduro Amenning, Tema MTTU Commander, he added that Faith & Move Organization solely relied on God’s direction to perform their duties. “It is a dream and direction from God unto us to help the poor”, he said.

He added that he sees no reason not to give the little he has to the poor if God has blessed him with something in abundance.

“If God has gifted me with something, then I believe it is just right for me to share my blessings with others who don’t have. Faith & Movers Organization aims to put smiles on the faces of the poor”, he said

He lastly urged people who would want to join them in giving to the poor to quickly come on board and assist them bless others with what they have.