Cultural Dance Reality Show Soon

In a bid to expose and boost the country's rich culture to citizens, and also the outside world, the members of the Ghana Dance and Ensemble (GDE) are poised to improve and also learn from good practices of other countries. It is against this backdrop that Mr. Rikkie Adialeda, one of the country's renowned actors in the movie industry and also a member of GDE, has disclosed the yet to be commenced National Cultural Reality Show. The actor is popularly known in acting movies with a character of stammering when acting in local and international movies. According to him, this initiate was being pursued by the Ghana Dance and Ensemble to add value to the already existing rich dance culture the country can boost off, while generating revenue for the advancement of the nation's tourism industry. He made this disclosure during a weekend entertainment programme dubbed, "Onie" on TV3, a leading entertainment and news television station. On the part of the movie industry, he urged producers not to perceive to be doing actors and actresses favours when they are asked to partake in a movie shooting. Mr. Adialeda advised industry players to present quality movie scripts not the quack scripts, which would not encourage the industry to be competitive. Meanwhile, the Pan African Cultural Festival was instituted by the then Organisation of African Unity (OAU), now African Union, in July 1969, to promote African culture and integration. However, a 60-member delegation of culture troupes, arts scholars and music producers and artistes, would be participating early next month in the second Pan African Culture Festival in Algeria. This year's festival is in honor of the late Miriam Makeba, the South African singer. Ghanaians love music. They show their feelings and actions through songs, drumming and dancing. You can tell whether a Ghanaian is happy or sad when he/she sings or dances. Most of these songs go with drumming and dancing. Some are those sung on occasions such as funerals, festivals and durbars, others are sung in our story telling. Some of our jobs have songs which go with their trade - Fishermen, for example, enjoy pulling their nets with music and some farmers sing while weeding.