Jehovah’s Witnesses Like Me” – Dr. Sulley Ali-Gabass

Incarcerated senior medical officer of the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital, Dr. Sulley Ali-Gabass, has indicated that members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses are his close friends.

He said he was so good at performing surgery that his patients did not have to lose blood.

Jehovah Witnesses are said to be against blood transfusion and Dr Ali-Gabass said he was their favourite medical doctor because, with him in the operating theatre, they didn’t need blood transfusion.

“Because when you look at the way I do my surgery, it’s hardly you will obtain blood, because I do it within 25 minutes and it’s clean. It’s neat, and you don’t have any infection,” he said when he met with Manasseh Azure Awuni, the Joy FM investigative journalist who unraveled the story about Dr. Ali-Gabass’ sodomy case leading to his imprisonment.

“That’s my record. So these Jehovah Witness people, they like me. They recently even sent some visitors because with me you don’t obtain blood and they don’t like blood. So, always they are like my friends,” he said.

It is not clear how they are taking the news of his sodomy scandal and his incarceration.

Some workers at the Effia Nkwanta government hospital had told Manasseh that the doctor was hard working. “He is the pillar of the ops and gyne unit,” one worker told Manasseh.

Dr Sulley Ali-Gabass was on Monday sentenced to a 25-year jail term for defiling a senior high school boy he met on Facebook in 2013.

Even though he confessed to Manasseh in the secret recording, which is being transcribed and published, he denied the act and pleaded not guilty in court.

His imprisonment brought to an end to a trial which began when he was arrested and charged in October 2014. Dr. Ali-Gabass, who is said to be in his mid 40s, left behind a wife and two little children.