Obinim Shows Sex Organ

A video that captures leader of the International God’s Way Church, Daniel Obinim, holding, fondling and slapping the erect penis of a man who had gone to the church for spiritual healing has sparked public anger after it went viral.

The video was reportedly shown on live television in an uncensored production that showed the fully erected sex organ of the adult male as well as his face.

Daniel Obinim, who goes by the Christian title ‘Bishop’, has however defended the bizarre healing adventure and described the public condemnation as unfortunate.

“If I cover it and pray for him in secret and he comes out to give a testimony of him being healed after the prayers, people will not believe him since they might not have known what I did for the man,” Bishop Obinim explained to Adom FM.

Contrary to speculations that the man visited Obinim’s church to seek a miraculous cure for impotence, Obinim told Adom FM his client rather came to the church with an already erect penis that could not go down after he had sex with a married woman.

“For close to two weeks after having sex with the woman, the man said his manhood always remained erect and he was in great pain,” Obinim explained the man’s plight which appears to be a curable medical condition known as ‘priapsm’.

Daniel Obinim is gradually gaining notoriety for spiritual healing antics even the clergy community find intriguing.

He was recently in the news for stepping and stamping his foot on the stomach of a woman who had gone to his church for prayers. Though a video recording of that incident showed the woman with a protruding belly which looked like pregnancy, Obinim has denied she was pregnant.

The Bishop is currently standing trial at an Accra High Court for allegedly arming himself with an offensive weapon and storming the studio of a private radio station to assault people and vandalise property.

He is married to popular gospel musician Florence Obinim.