"I Played Chaskele And Climbed Trees" - Michelle Attoh

Actress/TV Host Michelle Attoh grew up as a tomboy. She told host of 360Live , Kofi Okyere Darko , she enjoyed climbing trees and also playing Chaskele. "Chaskele" is an indigenous stick-and-ball game played by children. The ball is a crushed tin can , and with a suitable narrow plank of wood for a bat. “I was a tomboy growing up, I played chaskele and climbed trees. This is because most of my cousins were boys.” Attoh, also disclosed on the show that , when she moved back to Ghana at age 12, she couldn’t speak a word of English so she had to school at Ghana International School to learn the language. She spoke fondly of her mom , actress Rama Brew , who she looked up to for career inspiration and growth in her personal life. She shared experiences of her acting in Ultimate Paradise and later as a part of South African drama, Egoli, starting her advertising , marketing and communications firm, Emerge amonsgt a host of other issues. “Focus, commitment,energy, these are the things that helped me to juggle acting, my business and family life” Her show , @Home With … premieres on Metro TV on Tuesday July 21st,2015.