Search For Miss Malaika 2015 Begins...Grand Audition On July 25

Beauty it not about the hair, make up or clothes. It may be about your smile but that’s all about beauty, real beauty comes from a place where you cannot touch up with make-up.

Over the past years the Miss Malaika beauty Pageant has emphasized this point, a point that clearly shows in the causes the contestants embark on, the “beautiful inside out” theme rubs off all those who take part in the competition. Even those who do not win take up causes that ultimately benefit the society, that’s the Malaika trademark.

A new dawn is here, a journey to greatness beckons and a chance to positively affect society awaits as the search for the next Miss Malaika Queen begins this Saturday 25thJuly, 2015 at 8.30 am sharp. This could be the chance you need to kick start that career you have always dreamed off or the cause you have always felt passionate about or chance to boost your confidence or even your claim to fame.

Go on, don’t be shy, don’t listen to those who think you can’t be a beauty queen, don’tlisten to the voices that tell you that you are not pretty enough, shake them all off and log on to to register that’s the first step. Second step is to walk boldly to GhOne Entertainment TV Studios and be yourself, don’t try to be someone else and simply dazzle the judges. Thinking you have a friend who is Malaika material but needs a little push, simply upload their picture and their name with #malaika2015 to Miss Malaika Ghana on Facebook and twitter and Instagram on @missmalaikagh.

As usual there are interesting and exciting additions this year, the judges are different, well, except for our favorite judge William Asiedu and this year you stand a chance of winning a prize whether you make it to the top 16 or not. Eyes will be out for the girls with the best smile, most intelligent girl, most inspiring girl, most talented girl, girl with the best walk and many others. So it’s a win-win situation for those who turn up, surely this should be the thing that convinces you register and turn up for the auditions, wait! May be the prize package would do the trick, up for grabs this year is the CASH, CAR and an ABEAM INSTITUTE SCHOLARSHIP and oh the prestigious crown and the Miss Malaika Ghana 2015 title with all its perks and glamour.

Miss Malaika 2015 is a GhOne Entertainment TV production, supported by Charterhousewith Vaseline, Rexona, Optimal, Abeam Institute of Technology, Glam Make up, NovelleBeauty College, Sultana as sponsors and GTP, Chase, Koko king, Shakes and Flavors as Donors.

Miss Malaika Ghana, Beautiful Inside Out.