Politicians Must Swear With Sex Organs A Plus

Hip-life artiste, A Plus has admonished Ghanaian electorates to ask any politician who come to them for vote to use their sex organs to swear to be truthful when given the mandate.

Speaking on Adom Fm, the artiste stated that most of the politicians had deceived Ghanaians by not fulfilling promises made when campaigning for various positions in government.

He said he knew for sure that politicians particularly men value their manhood hence when they swear with that, they would deliver.

A Plus disclosed that this would be exactly the message that would be contained in his yet to be released song.

“When you ask the politicians to use their sex organs to swear to be faithful, truthful and trustworthy before you vote for them, they would be afraid to go contrary to their promises since they know they would lose them,” he claimed.

Politicians who were convinced they wanted to offer true service to humanity, he said, would be bold enough to use their private parts to swear.

The reasons for advocating this formula, A Plus added is his belief that politicians have taken Ghanaian electorates for granted for far too long.

“Let all the politicians stand firmly and hold their sex organs and swear that that they swear that if they are voted into power, they will be faithful by fulfilling all promises they make…they also have to add that if they fail, they should lose them…,” he said.